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        Welcome to Greatoo Intelligent Equipment Inc.


        The current position: 

        • Core Technology

          Core Technology

          Greatoo owns more than 700 sets of precision and advanced equipment for production and inspection, and adopt accurate numerical control machining tools whose repeat positioning accuracy fall within ±0.005mm, including FIDIA (Italy) high speed machining to



        • Injection Bladder Mold
        • Underlying type Giant Industrial Segmented Tire Mold
        • Nano Surface Treatment Equipment
        • Nano Surface Technology for Aluminum Magnesium Alloy Tire Mold
        • Giant Industrial Segmented Tire Mold
        • Large Industrial Tire Retreat Mold
        • One Forming Process Building Drum for High-Performance Radial Passenger and Car Tire
        • Surface Treatment Improving Technology and Equipment
        • Injection Bladder Mold

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